Roadside memorial: Rip Gavin McIntosh

Gavin McIntosh was killed in a car/train collision at a level crossing on the Joyceville Road in Eastern Ontario near highway 401 in October of 2010. He was 12 years old.

Gavin McIntosh

This is image #8 in a continuing series of roadside memorials.


Roadside memorial: RIP Johnny Halley (Wish I Had Paid More Attention)

RIP Johnny Halley: Wish I Had Paid More Attention

Johnny Halley was riding his bicycle home from work when he was hit by a car and killed on Carling Ave, Ottawa, On

This image is part of the Roadside Memorial series.

Roadside Memorial: RIP Mario Théoret

RIP Mario Théoret

Killed on Hunt Club Rd. October 17, 2013 during his morning commute when a tractor trailer also traveling east turned right on to Merivale Road and hit him. Théoret was reportedly an avid cyclist who had expressed concerns regarding traffic and cyclists on Hunt Club Rd shortly before his death. Canadian Cycling Magazine noted that this intersection is considered one of the most dangerous in the city for cyclists. Théoret was 38 years old.

I decide to shoot this memorial from a low angle with a wide lens to give it more power and noticed a partial sun flare when reviewing the initial shot, so I ramped the aperture to f22 to maximize the effect and stretched out on the sidewalk to place it appropriately – the shot worked, but I’ve decided that if I do that again I’ll take a spotter so people don’t trip over me 🙂

This image is part of the Roadside Memorial series.


roadside memorial

A quick shot of the camera/interview folks setting up for Thursday’s shoot.

The final shot of the memorial that gets added to the set will probably be black and white however the clouds, colours, textures, and general feeling of the site the afternoon we were there made tone mapping my choice for this image.

Black & White: Roadside Memorial (1)

Robin Freeman

Being a biker I spend a fair bit of time on the road in the summer and see many of these memorials, some regularly maintained, others falling into disrepair as time passes and wounds heal. Last year I saw some roadside memorial shots an Internet friend (Robert W Gilcrease) captured during his travels and was inspired to shoot a series of my own this summer during mine – this is the first.

If I can locate information regarding what happened it will be posted with the image.

I didn’t know Robin Freeman but I do drive by his memorial often, and I do remember his death. He was killed while riding his BMX bike across the street when a red sport bike travelling at at least twice the posted speed limit hit him – he was 16.

This image is part of the “Roadside Memorial” series

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