Black & White: Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal: March 8, 2015

If you look into the background you can see part of the scene I was hoping to capture the other day on the ice. This guy decided that he was a better subject and swooped over to make that point.


Black & White: Beavertail Canteen on the Rideau Canal

Beavertail Canteen on the Rideau Canal (January 24, 2015)

Having a Beavertail and a cup of hot chocolate on the canal is a winter tradition here in Ottawa. Their canteens can be found up and down the length of the Rideau Canal skate-way and at any winter event on both sides of the river.

Black & White: Skaters

Rideau Canal: January 24, 2015

Rideau Canal (Ottawa, ON, Canada): January 24, 2015

Street: On The Canal

24-Jan-2015: On the Rideau Canal

It’s been a while since I made the time to go out and about with the camera and just make pictures, yesterday was a good day for it.

Alone On The Canal

alone on the canal

Rideau Canal, the world’s largest skating rink.

As with all images posted here critique is encouraged, welcome and appreciated.

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