Kitchen Party

I have the great fortune of a goodly number of musical friends, some of whom like a good old fashioned ceilidh (a musical kitchen party) now and again. They don’t always have that good old Gaelic music that makes my head bob and my feet tap (although this one did have a few), but they are always good fun.

This is an image from Saturday night’s Ceilidh. We started out in the kitchen around 6:00pm with 2 guitars and a banjo, and finished in the basement rec room with 5 guitars (one of them a bass), a fiddle, a mandolin, some tambourines, and a dozen or so people singing, at about 2:00am.

Ray, the guy with the guitar, is my folk and country music mentor. A very An exceedingly patient soul who has taken on the task of moving a dyed in the wool metal head used to an electric guitar, full distortion, pic slides, and a lot of volume, into the world of acoustic guitars and campfire music – those of you who pray may wish to consider him in your devotions…. I’m trying, but old habits are hard to break 🙂

And where would any self respecting ceilidh be without a fiddle.

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