Urbex: Non-Functional


Another shot from the Midway County Motel (Gananoque, ON) explore.


Urbex: Come In And Be Welcome

come in and be welcome

Midway County Motel, Gananoque, ON

Urbex: Midway County Motel, Gananoque, ON

Midway County Motel, Gananoque, ON

Urbex: Come, Sit, Make Yourself at Home

come, sit, make yourself at home

Despite some of the associated hazards like bees, wasps, nails, weak floor boards, the every present possibility of getting caught somewhere you’re not supposed to be, and in the case of this explore a skunk somewhere in the building that I could smell and hear but could not see, I love exploring these old abandoned buildings.

Urbex/HDR: How Many Urbex’ers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?


Another from yesterday’s explore of an abandoned motel

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