Play in Progress

Play in progress

I spent last week end in Iqaluit (Nunavut) to attend my grand daughters 7th birthday party and take in the annual Sr. Mens Toonik Tyme Hockey Tournament. The goalie is my oldest son Randy, his team took the tournament cup and he received the “Best Goalie” award.


Sports: Off The Blocker

off the blocker

I like hockey, and I like shooting the games, but getting decent shots is somewhat frustrating. It’s a fast game and arena lighting is generally poor unless you’ve got [at least] relatively fast glass – and I don’t. That means slow shutter speeds (1/160th in this shot) and high ISO (1600) to compensate for an f4-5.6 lens, and that means shots that are not crisp. It would be nice to have [at least] an f2.8 telephoto but ~100-300mm glass that quick goes for about $3,500.00 here and that’s just not in the budget so we work with what we’ve got 🙂

That aside, my son disappointed the shooter in this shot with quick reflexes and his blocker.

Sports: The Goalie

the goalie

A shot of my youngest son at his game tonight.

Hockey has been a part of our family for many years, and we are a family of goalies.

Sports: The Good Old Hockey Game


Last night was my first Ottawa 67s [exhibition] game of the season, let’s hope that it isn’t indicative of the season to come.

As far as the shooting went there was either light bouncing white mesh or plexiglas everywhere between the fans and the game, and 1/2 the lights in the stands were out making the entire viewing stands really dim – IOW tough shooting conditions with all shots showing the mesh against darker backgrounds.

As far as the game went we were out shot 50-26, and lost the game 4-1.

More Sports Photography

Add to the other types of photography that interest me – sports photography. From the “fan in the stands with a camera” perspective it is a challenge and I continue to test different settings and techniques for getting the “right shot”.

For last nights efforts I sat in a slightly different spot (the light looked a ‘wee bit better), the camera was set to shoot large JPEG (as opposed to my usual large JPEG + RAW) so that I could hold the shutter button down and grab multiple shots faster before the camera started buffering, ISO 1600 to deal with the less than optimal lighting, F7.1 (for a sharper image), and the shutter set at 1/400th (to stop action).

The setup for the first shot is Peterborough Petes right-winger Luke Hietkampt on a break-away and I was looking to capture Petr Mrazek’s save – but I got the goal instead.

– and the puck on the way out of the net 😦

— and the puck on the way out 😦

A few more shots from last nights Ottawa 67’s / Peterborough Petes game follow below the fold.
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