Black and White: Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at Night

Another shot from the “Alight at Night” festival at Upper Canada Village, colour version posted below.

Ferris Wheel at Night

As with the last image I find that even though one would think that colour should be integral to a shot like this the black and white version remains the most interesting one.


Fun With Long Exposure Colour Photography

"Alight at Night" Upper Canada Village: Dec 13, 2014

A 15 second exposure shot at f14/ISO 100 (obviously on a tripod 🙂 ) – half way through the exposure the subjects moved (quickly) from one side of the doorway to the other resulting in transparent images of them on each side of the door.

The shot comes from the Upper Canada Village “Alight at Night” Festival where we wandered around for a couple of hours with camera gear, tripod, and remote shutter cable.

Tonemapped: Late Night Transit

late night transit

It seems that even the most mundane of places present opportunity for a shoot these days. This is a scene found on the way home last evening – all it needs is a few characters with props and masks. I have those masks and props, what I need is a small group of 2 or 3 willing people to follow me around and play dress up at times like this…. any takers?

Black & White: Lightning

lightning over ottawa (bw)

The colour version of this is cool, but I think the black and white version is dramatic.

Nature: Lightning


There was a thunderstorm to the south of us this evening, by the look of the reflected lightning I saw they got quite a show. In my part of town there were few actual lightning bolts seen, they were all cloud to cloud, and this is the only decent shot I got.

I’ve had little success shooting lightning – any tips ya got would be appreciated.

Equipment: Canon 5D on tripod / remote shutter / 1 sec exposure / f 9 / ISO 640 / 13mm

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