Black & White: Lightning

lightning over ottawa (bw)

The colour version of this is cool, but I think the black and white version is dramatic.


Nature: Lightning


There was a thunderstorm to the south of us this evening, by the look of the reflected lightning I saw they got quite a show. In my part of town there were few actual lightning bolts seen, they were all cloud to cloud, and this is the only decent shot I got.

I’ve had little success shooting lightning – any tips ya got would be appreciated.

Equipment: Canon 5D on tripod / remote shutter / 1 sec exposure / f 9 / ISO 640 / 13mm

Evening Reflections in Black & White

evening reflections in black and white

Nature: Dragonfly


Spent the afternoon at Petrie Island with Heather and we found this dragonfly hanging out on a stick – fortunately s/he (how does one know anyway?) was willing to stay still for a quick shot. Someday I may be lucky enough to find a macro lens that I can afford because this was was sort of fun:-)

And Now For Something Completely Different


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