Black & White: Misc


For the first time this year we reached 20°C (68°F for my American friends) so we were out and about downtown in The Market.


AHA! said the ostridge

There’s a message here that might be somewhat profound……. if only its author knew how to spell ostrich.


Misc: Harmonica Player

Some find it surprising but those who know me know that I’ve got more that just a bit of a redneck streak…… motorcycles, cowboy hats, beer in long neck bottles, field parties, bonfires, potato cannons, and country music.

Every year a bunch of us make the pilgrimage to friend Ray’s place up in the valley (a phrase that makes sense if you’re from here) with food, beer, and musical instruments to eat, drink, make music, watch the bonfire burn, and generally socialize until the wee hours of the morning – usually in an old army tent in case it rains.

This is Derek, a fellow biker, and his harmonica.


I should have taken the 5D because it works well in low light, but beer has been known to be spilled on things at these events and I was only willing to risk the Rebel 🙂

Misc: Burning Clown

After a brief discussion it was decided, the clown wasn’t going home…….

burning clown

Although I don’t get a chance to engage too often I do enjoy the horror photography genre and follow a few horror photographers on G+. This weekend an opportunity presented itself and I was glad I had my camera.

Young Photographer II

A couple more shots of my grandson with one of my cameras – as soon as it was in his hand he started looking around for his shots.



And having a ton of fun with it.

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