HDR: Industrial

I’m really liking the 50mm/f1.8 I picked up last week, and starting to think that I should have grabbed the 40mm/f1.8 pancake that was on the shelf beside it – maybe next pay day.



Alone On The Canal

alone on the canal

Rideau Canal, the world’s largest skating rink.

As with all images posted here critique is encouraged, welcome and appreciated.

Street: A Snowy Day In Ottawa

Metcalfe & Laurier: January 19, 2014

Initially I processed this image in black & white but it just didn’t quite seem to work. Tone mapped and in colour did work so, for your perusal, I offer the rare (for me anyway) colour street image of a snowy day in Ottawa 🙂

Tone Mapped: Christmas In The City


This image (captured last year) will be included in one of the city’s Local Community Association newsletters this month along with a quick blurb about yours truly and his photography. The area includes Ottawa’s historic Byward Market where the image was shot and exposure in that area of the city falls under the category of “good thing”. 🙂


roadside memorial

A quick shot of the camera/interview folks setting up for Thursday’s shoot.

The final shot of the memorial that gets added to the set will probably be black and white however the clouds, colours, textures, and general feeling of the site the afternoon we were there made tone mapping my choice for this image.

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