Events/Aboriginal Culture: Qulliq Lighting

Qulliq Lighting

Lighting the qulliq at the annual Tungasuvvingat Inuit Spring Equinox celebration.

As with all images posted here critique is encouraged, welcome and appreciated.


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3 Responses to Events/Aboriginal Culture: Qulliq Lighting

  1. Great shot. Indoor lighting can be a challenge, in this case leave as is or take away the colored lighting. I would tried taking away the purple hue even if it were trues to the circumstances, as it may make the picture look more real. Even going to B&W is worth looking. But I suspect you have thought of all of this.

    • Marcel says:

      Thanks Victor. I thought about adjusting the colour to make it look more natural and then decided against it given that it was part of a performance and this is what people saw.

      I will certainly have a go at a black and white version though, good idea – thanks 🙂

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