Photojournalism: Loretta Saunders Vigil/Rally

Loretta Saunders Vigil/Rally: March 5, 2014

Laura Saunders is one of over 800 missing or murdered Canadian Aboriginal women since 1990. For many years the Aboriginal community has been calling upon the federal government to launch a public inquiry into the high numbers of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, so far those calls have gone unheeded.

At the time of her death Loretta Saunders was writing her masters thesis on missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

PS: Apologies for the extended absence, life issues took precedence over photography for a while. I hope to be back at it soon.

As with all images posted here critique is encouraged, welcome and appreciated.


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One Response to Photojournalism: Loretta Saunders Vigil/Rally

  1. andykidd says:

    Welcome back and I dread to think of the Australian statistics

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