Black and White: Magneto and the Grumpy Squirrel

Magneto and the Grumpy Squirrel

The product of an attempted low light street shot where someone bumped into me as I pressed the shutter. Rather than delete it I decided to see what would happen if I turned it into a digital palindrome.

I see different things in the image, but Magneto from the X-Men series and a grumpy looking squirrel jump out at me – what do you see?


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Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

4 Responses to Black and White: Magneto and the Grumpy Squirrel

  1. Know-All says:

    I love this one! and yes, I see the squirrel and some hieroglyphics! 🙂

    • Marcel says:

      Thanks Know-All !

      I always enjoy processing digital palindromes, you never know what’s going to come out of them or what other people will see.

      Last year I wanted to create one out of my daughter-in-laws baby ultrasound image but, after looking at some of my previous work in this area, she said “no, god only knows what I’ll end up seeing in there and I’m not going to do that!!” 🙂

      • Know-All says:

        LOL..that’s a good one!! Btw, how can I create a palindrome in lightroom? I have never tried anything like this..and it seems very interesting!

  2. Marcel says:

    I don’t use Lightroom so I couldn’t say Know-All.

    My process is to do initial processing it in Adobe Elements, make a copy of the image flipped 180°, bring both images into Photomatix Pro for blending and further adjustment, save the image from Photomatix, reopen in Elements, make final adjustments based on what I see, and then save final image.

    Lightroom may have an HRD blending feature, if it does try bringing two images into that (making sure it does not attempt to align the images) and see what happens.

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