Photojournalism: Britiannia Heights Apartment Fire [8/5/13]

Britannia Heights apartment fire

As a result of interaction with a few photojournalists on Google+ I have been exploring the world of photojournalism of late. It’s a genre of photography that interests me as images are published essentially as they come out of the camera with only the most minimal of editing allowed.

From the Wikipedia entry

Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography (e.g., documentary photography, social documentary photography, street photography or celebrity photography) by complying with a rigid ethical framework which demands that the work is both honest and impartial whilst telling the story in strictly journalistic terms. Photojournalists create pictures that contribute to the news media.

If you’re on G+ please look me up, I’m also on flicker.


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Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

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