Street: Candid Wave

candid wave

I was wandering around The Byward Market (locally known as simply The Market) the other day and spied these two gentlemen relaxing on a bench in the sun, so I lifted the camera, and got a wave.

After clicking the shutter I went over and sat down on the bench to say hi and the guy in the ball cap asked me why I took their picture, so we ended up having a little discussion about street photography and then continued our respective days – them sitting in the sun and watching life in The Market, and me capturing images of the same.


About Marcel
Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

2 Responses to Street: Candid Wave

  1. Fred says:

    Nice…this photograph has personality! It makes me think that these gentlemen are my friends.

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