Street: Starbucks


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Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

5 Responses to Street: Starbucks

  1. love the rawness of your capture, couldn’t have staged it any better if you tried! Right place, right time 🙂

    • Marcel says:

      Thanks Patricia, it’s a combination of the right place at the right time plus camera in hand. It’s a rare day that I do not have a camera with me and in my hand while I’m walking down the street, in the case of this image I had not set out to do any specific shooting today and was actually down-town to meet my son for lunch, the scene presented itself as we were walking back to the bus stop…. click 🙂

  2. Know-All says:

    wonderful capture…and i agree with you…have to be at the right place and time with camera… 🙂

  3. ehpem says:

    Great shot! The coffee store looks like it could be in an old bank building (appropriately), and the buildings in the background are perfectly lit. I like how the street person is the only one without visible features.

    • Marcel says:

      Yes ehpem, at one point he was almost in a complete “head down” position. What struck me about the image was the triangle formed by “great wealth” (Starbucks), “comfortable wealth” (the well dressed woman), and “no wealth” (the pan handler).

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