St. Patrick’s Basilica

St. Patrick's Basilica

There’s a bit of a story behind this image. A group of us went out yesterday afternoon to explore a fairly quiet bit of the city. I took my Canon Rebel because of it’s smaller, lighter, size, and decided to use a 28-90mm (f4-5.6) lens; with the sensor crop factor that works out to about a 45-145mm field of view – decent, I thought for general exploration. Because it was a very overcast afternoon, and I didn’t know how long we might be out, I slipped my 24mm (f2.8) into my jacket pocket on the ‘just in case the light fades fast‘ principle.

It turns out that it was a darned good thing I did as

  • I discovered shortly after getting off the bus at the meet-up location that the batteries in my ancient Powershot A710 were dead, and
  • the camera and the 28-90mm lens decided they didn’t want to talk with each other before we got out of the parking lot – and quickly cleaning the contacts and powering the camera on/off didn’t correct the problem.

So on went the 24mm (about 38mm field of view with the crop factor) and now I’m looking for bigger shots, like this one of St. Patrick’s Basilica. It’s made up of 7 individual shots stitched together with PhotoShop Elements with the original being 93 inches (236 cm) in height and 49 inches (124.5 cm) wide. With vertical distortion in mind I left room at the top of the image to compensate, unfortunately I didn’t leave quite enough so it still looks like its leaning back somewhat.


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