Portrait: One Of The Me’s

The other day I was reading an article on Google+ best practices that noted we should have “real” images of ourselves on our profile pages as opposed to some abstract image representing us. The rational for that was that people like to see who they are interacting with – even if it is only virtually. It’s an idea that, without any thought at all, made sense to me and I immediately changed my profile pic.

It then came to me, while I was looking through and processing images this morning, and wondering which of them I might post here today, that that might be a reasonable thing to do here as well, so here is one of the me’s that makes up who I am – biker me with my bike loaded up for travelling while on a camping trip last summer.

We all have different identities that make up who we are, among others there is “biker me”, there is “corporate me” in a sport coat and tie (not my favorite me by any stretch of the imagination), there is “metal head me” banging away at the Iron Maiden concert, and there is “family me” with car seats in the car and a trunk load of groceries.

I’m at peace with all of the me’s, and fortunately, at least for the most part, they all get along with each other – although biker me and corprate me have known conflict 🙂

I mentioned Google+ earlier, come visit if you use that network, as with my flickr stream there are more images there than are posted here.

About Marcel
Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

2 Responses to Portrait: One Of The Me’s

  1. ehpem says:

    That is a cool picture, and interesting to see one of the you’s. I choose to keep the me’s subdued and largely hidden on the internet because the corporate me does not want any grief from the corporation or the corporate clients.
    But, I do see the sense in it, and that it can build better community on-line, make it more civil, and keep the anonymous trolls at bay as well as putting a face to a blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Marcel says:

      Interestingly enough – my last job came as a direct result of my online, and sometimes opinionated, presence 🙂

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