Photomerge: There Be Dragons

Possibly subtitled: There’s No Such Things As A Failed Image


A digital palindrome shot off my balcony last night – long story ….. here’s the short version.

On the way home last evening just after sunset I saw some nice looking looking cloud formations so I scooted on home real quick like to capture them – no dice, they looked like they were moving east but I couldn’t see them from my (east facing) balcony and there were too many trees and buildings around to shoot them from the west side 😦

Determined to capture a long exposure image I took a shot facing north where there was still just a tinge of colour in the sky and after processing discovered stars that the camera picked up but my eye couldn’t — “ah ha !!” said I, this gives me an idea. I quickly swapped on the 10-20mm/f2.8 ultra-wide angle lens and pointed it at the then dark sky and left the shutter open for 30 seconds to see how many stars the camera would catch that I couldn’t see because of light pollution. What I got surprised me

Without a doubt there was something in there that needed to come out, so I fliped it horizontally, photomerged the original and the flip version, adjusted levels, contrast, and hue and saturation… and voila – dragons in the sky.

PS: Don’t ask me where the red came from, I have no clue, it wasn’t there when I clicked the shutter.

About Marcel
Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

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