And Then The Light Went Away

Another shot from the track we visited on Wednesday. This is the last one I captured after doing pretty well everything I could to keep pressing the shutter in failing light and still get usable images.

I started off shooting with the 75-300mm lens at f10 and greater, ISO 100, 1/350th of a second shutter speed. As the light failed I dropped as low as the lens would take me (f5) and then started ramping up the ISO values — then switched to a shorter lens (28-90mm) so that I could keep the shutter open longer (1/150th of a second), dropped the ISO values, and got back into the f7 or 8 range again… for at least a little while.

The light failed further, the ISO values went up, the f values went down and I switched to the smallest, fastest lens in my kit – a 24mm/f2.4 – and tried a few shots as, once again, I could keep the shutter open a bit longer with the shorter lens. 1/50th of a second resulted in too much motion blur so I reset to 1/100th, ramped the ISO level up to 1600, opened the lens as wide as it would go and clicked.

Not a bad image per se, but it’s soft (wide aperture) there’s lots of motion blur (slow a shutter speed) and lots of noise (high ISO)…. ah to get the chance to stand in the bright spot under one of those lights in the infield.

It was obviously time to leave trackside, get a coffee, and find a seat in the stands.

About Marcel
Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

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