Long Exposure: Night Sky

night sky over gatineau

On the way home tonight there were some awesome night sky cloud formations to the west that looked like they were moving east so I pressed the little pedal down a bit more and scooted on home to try capture them, unfortunately they stalled and never made it to a point where I could see them from my 6th story balcony.

To take things from bad to worse I couldn’t find an angle from the ground where I could reasonably capture them…. dang city and it’s buildings.

Regardless, I was thinking about doing a long exposure so I set up the tripod, dug out the remote shutter, and a flashlight so that I could see to set up the camera, and shot the sky to the north where there was still a hint of colour.

One of the interesting elements, to me anyway, are the stars that showed up in the image; click on the image to see it on my flicker page and them press l to view it on black to get a better view of them – I couldn’t see these stars with my eye, but the camera could.

Camera settings: 90mm / ISO 100 / f11 / 10 second exposure.

About Marcel
Biker, amateur photographer, non-authoritarian, and sometimes commentor on things political, who likes playing in social media

One Response to Long Exposure: Night Sky

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Amazing array of colors!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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