HDR: Trackside & Close

Thunder cars !!

The heat and humidity dropped a bit yesterday and to mark the event a couple of us loaded up the bikes for a ‘wee scoot down some twisty country roads and an evening of racing.

The track is one of my favorite places to go, and at each track I’m always looking for that ‘sweet spot‘ where I think I can get the best shots. We got there a bit early last evening and had time before the racing started to take a walk through the pits as well as explore the track a little more extensively than on previous visits – and lo this is where I ended up.

The bank was fairly steep however I dug a small ledge in it slightly larger than my foot and scrounged up a flat rock to put there so my stance was more stable, the other foot was on the top of the bank with the toe of my other boot (and the camera lens) sticking through the fence – that redish diagnal stripe in the botton left corner is the cement wall coming out of turn two.

Someday I’m gonna talk the officials at one of the tracks into letting me into the infield where there’s no wall and no fence seperating the camera and the action – then, and only then, will I be as close as I want to be.

At one point, after a bit of an experimental relocation (it didn’t work out – too many thistles – ouch), I was less than 3 feet from the cars. For the whole night we were close enough to feel the heat off the engines as they went by, and a couple of times we felt small pieces of something from the track (Dave said it was bits of rubber off the tires) come through the fence and hit us in the legs.

Someday I’m gonna talk the track officials into letting me into the infield for some shooting – then, and only then, with nothing between the camera and the action, will I be as close as I want to be.


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