HDR: Gone Fishing

gone fishing

Earlier this month I made a trip up to Iqaluit (Nunavut) to visit family and friends – and, I must admit, to escape the heat and millions of people who descend on Ottawa every Canada Day.

While there my youngest son (on the far point) and I made a trip to the Sylvia Grinnell River for a little fishing. We were there for 3 or 4 hours with the first two hours spent casting and watching others reel in their catch, but it mattered not, we were standing side by side on the bank of the river fishing and talking, and talking and fishing – and really, that’s the point of it.

It was a grey evening, the fog banks had drifted in and out all day, and there was lots of low cloud that threatened rain but only sputtered a ‘wee bit. Certainly not enough to send us home.

Eventually we found the right combination of place on the bank, casting distance, depth, and lure, for that day and caught 3 each, most of which were fried up for supper the next night with both of my sons families and I enjoying a big feed of fresh Arctic Char.

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