More Sports Photography

Add to the other types of photography that interest me – sports photography. From the “fan in the stands with a camera” perspective it is a challenge and I continue to test different settings and techniques for getting the “right shot”.

For last nights efforts I sat in a slightly different spot (the light looked a ‘wee bit better), the camera was set to shoot large JPEG (as opposed to my usual large JPEG + RAW) so that I could hold the shutter button down and grab multiple shots faster before the camera started buffering, ISO 1600 to deal with the less than optimal lighting, F7.1 (for a sharper image), and the shutter set at 1/400th (to stop action).

The setup for the first shot is Peterborough Petes right-winger Luke Hietkampt on a break-away and I was looking to capture Petr Mrazek’s save – but I got the goal instead.

– and the puck on the way out of the net 😦

— and the puck on the way out 😦

A few more shots from last nights Ottawa 67’s / Peterborough Petes game follow below the fold.

Some days ya can’t catch a break no matter what you do, here is left-winger Ryan van Stralen, all alone, at the point, he takes the shot – and his stick breaks.

In this one I was looking to capture the goal – but the puck was tipped just wide.

Some action along the boards

Fight for the puck

I figure that if I bounce around to enough different seating locations that I will, at some point in the season, find the “fan with a camera sweet spot” for shooting the game – and then hope that it’s available for season ticket purchase for next year.


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