More Gear :-)

This evening I took a wee drive to the other end of the city to pick up a gently used Canon PowerShot A710 IS digital camera – and I’m looking forward to putting it to use.

One may well ask, “If you already have a digital SLR what the heck would you want something like this for?” – the answer is simple, it fits in my jacket pocket.

I’m more than pleased with my Canon Rebel XS and the assortment of lenses that I have managed to cobble together on a limited budget (there are now 6 of them – 3 telephoto and 3 prime), but unless I am actively shooting they live in my camera backpack (a Lowepro Fastpack 250 that I really cannot say enough good things about) and since I’ve missed a few street shots over the last little while because I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough I decided a pocket camera was in order.

A quick scroll though and yielded a camera that fit the bill, and only cost me $40 – complete with a 2Gb memory card and, bonus of bonuses, the original manual.

The PowerShot works at 7.1 Mega Pixels (more than adequate) in large JPEG format, has a 6x optical zoom (as well as a digital zoom that I immediately turned off), and operates in a fully automagic mode, fully manual mode (except for focus of course), or allows me to select an aperture or shutter priority hybrid shooting mode…. plus a bunch of presets that I’ll never use.

The only downside is the camera battery system – 2 x AA, but I fixed that with a quick stop at Canadian Tire on the way home for a rechargeable setup that will minimize toxic waste.

All in all I think it will be the perfect little camera for those unplanned street shots that I can quickly pull out of my pocket, power on, and hopefully capture 🙂


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