Play in Progress

Play in progress

I spent last week end in Iqaluit (Nunavut) to attend my grand daughters 7th birthday party and take in the annual Sr. Mens Toonik Tyme Hockey Tournament. The goalie is my oldest son Randy, his team took the tournament cup and he received the “Best Goalie” award.

Black & White: Misc


For the first time this year we reached 20°C (68°F for my American friends) so we were out and about downtown in The Market.

Photojournalism: Carling Ave & Richmond Road (Ottawa, ON)

Carling Ave & Richmond Rd (Ottawa, ON): March 24, 2015

Came across this little scene at Carling Ave & Richmond Rd (Ottawa, On) about 15 minutes after the accident happened and got a quick shot from the passenger side with my cell phone. It’s difficult to say what might have taken place but from the look of the damage someone was going fast.

Black & White: Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal: March 8, 2015

If you look into the background you can see part of the scene I was hoping to capture the other day on the ice. This guy decided that he was a better subject and swooped over to make that point.

Street: Valentines Day on Rideau Street

Rideau Street (Ottawa, ON Canada): February 14, 2015

It’s a good a day as any to remind ourselves that not everyone has the luxury of Valentines Day.

The weatherman said that it was -35°C (-31°F for my American friends) yesterday.


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