Black & White: Spotted

Yesterday there remained a heavy police presence in Ottawa near the National War Memorial where Wednesdays shooting took place. The barricades were well away from the memorial so many of my shots were at the long end of a 250mm lens, but even with the distance involved it didn’t take them long to spot the guy with a camera pointed in their direction.

Spotted (Oct 23, 2014 Ottawa ON Canada)

Ottawa Shooting: This is Not an Appropriate Response

As many are aware we had terrorist attack here yesterday, one of the immediate responses has been to shutter the gates of Parliament Hill.


Inside these gates are two large lawns that are often filled with free yoga classes, games of Frisbee, people having picnic lunches or strolling around, and in the winter families building snowmen or warming their hands over The Eternal Flame – today we’re locked out.

If we change they have won – open the gates.

Black & White: It’s a big world out there

It's a big world out there

Black & White: Harvest

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada so a harvest image is appropriate.


Street: smoke if ya got ‘em

smoke if ya got 'em


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