Black and White: Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at Night

Another shot from the “Alight at Night” festival at Upper Canada Village, colour version posted below.

Ferris Wheel at Night

As with the last image I find that even though one would think that colour should be integral to a shot like this the black and white version remains the most interesting one.

Blue House in Black and White

Blue House in Black & White

Another shot from the Upper Canada Village “Alight at Night” festival on December 12th.

I’ll also post the colour version however I like the black and white rendition better.

Blue House

Fun With Long Exposure Colour Photography

"Alight at Night" Upper Canada Village: Dec 13, 2014

A 15 second exposure shot at f14/ISO 100 (obviously on a tripod :-) ) – half way through the exposure the subjects moved (quickly) from one side of the doorway to the other resulting in transparent images of them on each side of the door.

The shot comes from the Upper Canada Village “Alight at Night” Festival where we wandered around for a couple of hours with camera gear, tripod, and remote shutter cable.

Street: Waiting

29/11/14: waiting

Waiting for “Santa’s Parade of Lights” to pass by.

The weather gods were good to us last night, it was fairly clear and only about -10C (14F for my American friends) so we didn’t have to bundle up to any great extent. A bit of forethought, planning, and a few minutes with Google satellite view got us to a spot where we could park the car with a decent view of the street in case anyone got chilly.

Black & White: Controversy on the Street

Carling & Broadview (Nov 28/14)

Came across this scene yesterday at Carling & Broadview. The guy in the dark blue car looks like he was trying to cut across traffic into the gas station and ran head-on into traffic. Rather than stop he was heavy on the gas pedal as I went by, spinning the front tires in a vain effort to push the car he hit out of the way while by-standers knocked on the door/windows trying to get him to give it up. The lesson for me in this is to have my cell phone in the console when I’m driving as opposed to in my pocket where it’s hard to get at because, had it been handy, there were better shots to be had.

On another vein I have come to the conclusion that I need to find an additional (new?) genre of photography to engage in. I love shooting street but am so rarely downtown these days that opportunities are few, the sleepy little part of the city I now live and work in affords fewer still, and odd work schedules aren’t exactly helping.

There is space in my apartment for some small studio type work such as portraits, and abstract photography is an intriguing option, guess I need to start saving my pennies for some lighting ‘eh :-)


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